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The Safecracker's Secret
Sandra Bretting's The Safecracker's Secret

A tragic death, an old-time safecracker, and his young protege. By the time Gene Jacks gets called into a murder investigation by the Houston P.D., it's anyone's guess who's conning whom.

When police summon Jacks to the scene of a crime one steamy summer night, he knows the drill: he'll be asked to crack a safe left behind by a drug dealer, Mob embezzler, or worse.

He doesn't expect to waltz into a murder investigation. Especially when police target his young protege as one of their chief suspects.

Can Gene protect the girl, who's become like a daughter to him, while there's still time?

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sandra bretting's Latest Christian Inspirational

Shameless Persistence
Sandra Bretting's Shameless Persistence

How many times have you been asked to pray for someone and thought, “Here I go again?” Maybe it’s for someone’s physical healing. Or, his financial situation. Perhaps someone’s made a bad life choice and now she’s suffering the consequences. (The infamous “unspoken prayer request.”)

Whatever it is, sometimes prayer fatigue sets in. What’s the point? What difference does it make? I probably won’t even find out what happens to him or her.

And sometimes that’s exactly what happens. We pray for days, for weeks, for months, even, but we never see an answer to our prayers. We wonder whether God still hears us, or whether he even cares.

Then, he startles us awake. He performs a miracle right before our eyes, at a pace that takes our breath away. Shameless Persistence tells the story of one such miracle, and it explores how we can better use this amazing gift from God.

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